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Account supervisor cover letter

Account supervisor cover letter

This post includes 3 parts: cover letter sample, cover letter tips, cover letter materials for Account supervisor. You can ref more useful materials for job application such as top 10 cover letter samples, top 7 resume samples.

Peter Ho
123 Sue Circle
Smithtown, CA 08067


John Ka
HR manager
XYZ Company
87 Delaware Road
Hatfield, CA 08065

Dear Mr. John,

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of Account supervisor at ABC Inc. I have been well familiar with your company products for many years and would be very excited to have an opportunity to work for your company and help increase the sales of your products. The position was introduced by a friend of mine, Dr. Peter Ho, whom I have contacted directly for this position. I have worked with him for many years in the industry and I believe that I am a perfect candidate for this position.

I have good experience in dealing with similar products, thank to thank, I have good knowledge on overall businesses that may be of your interest. Previously, I was a dogcare junior manager in AAA company where I succeeded in expanding my territory by over 30% for the first year. During four years when I worked for AAA, I managed to set up a branch as well as recruit an additional 300 employees and achieved profit objectives.

I am confident that I am a good candidate for the position you are requiring, so I would like it very much to have an opportunity to further discuss with you regarding your offer at ABC inc.
Peter Ho
Enc. Resume
1. The length of a cover letter: A cover letter should be included in one A4 sheet of paper only.
2. The title of a cover letter: It is advised that the name of the person handling with the application documents should be correctly written, along with his correct title and current position. In addition, do not shorten his first name.
3. Make your cover letter private: Why is doing this is of great importance? For starting your cover letter by addressing a certain name of an individual will be of a help in creating a faster connection with the reader rather than you only add such a general salutation to your cover letter.
4. Determine what your uniqueness is: It is very necessary for you to make a list to show off what things make you different from the others. In this way, your cover letter not only can help the readers recognize your own values, but it also makes you become more competitive compared with other candidates.
5. Spare your thoughts with specifics: Employers often claim that generally, during recruitment process, many job seekers forget to focus on required criteria. Therefore, pay attention to make your cover letter focused.
6. Number of reference: In case, the job that you’ve applied requires a number of references, do not forget to include it in your cover letter.
7. The language used in a cover letter: It is wise to use enriched and concise language. Even in case you write the cover letter in the first person, using language in the right way is of great usefulness.
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